Friday, August 21, 2009

June 30th we flew to San Jose where we spent 10 days playing with Grandma and Grandpa Post and Jordan's sibblings' families. We had so much fun!

San Jose Children's Discovery Museum

Fireworks in the Backyard

Alexis, Brianna, Donovan, Carey

Dallin, Alexis, Kylie, Spencer

Swimming in the Hot Tub

Trista, Kolby, Dallin, Spencer, Alexis, Kylie

Jordan flew home from California to go back to work, but the kids and I drove to Utah in a car we bought from his parents. While in Utah we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Salmon, Shana, and the Trumps for about eight days total.
With Uncle Robert's Family

Alexis & Mariah

Mariah, Robert, Thomas

Spencer, Jared, Trey

Trey & Spencer

Trista, Mariah, Alexis, Candace

Grandpa & Grandma Salmon, Trista

With Shana's Family

From Utah we traveled on to Aurora, Colorado where we stayed a couple of nights with my cousin Kim and her family. We had a lot of fun with her and Peter and their kids swimming, playing in the yard, and waiting out tornado sirens in their basement! No pictures this time though--I was a slacker.
Finally we drove home on July 21st. After 2100 miles of traveling alone with four kids, and three weeks of living out of suitcases it was so nice to be home! We loved being able to see so many of our friends and family, though, and are grateful to everyone who let us stay with them

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Ingrid said...

Sounds like a great summer!!! I've been catching up on your have a beautiful family!